Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Great Escape

We got out for an evening session on Friday at the Rubber Blanket Boulder. Perfect conditions for our project, and nice lighting for photos. We learned today that the problem is called "Jeremy's Traverse."

Ash between attempts.

On my fourth attempt of the session, it all came together.

Today we had some very strange weather on the cliffs in Sinks Canyon. Sun and snow simultaneously.

We warmed up on "Winds of War." I was warm, climbing in the sun, with snow swirling around me.

Then the clouds and snow came in to stay on our next climb, "Face Dancer."

We finished the day at the climbing gym.

Our session was cut short, but it was great to get out. Climbing is a great escape from the ordinary and unpleasant. As I examine my motivation, I think that, for me, this is climbing's greatest draw. Books, movies, hobbies and games offer escape as well, but really can't compare.

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