Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sweetwater Season is Heating Up Again!

A lot of bouldering has been getting done at Sweetwater.  Things got started with a warm spell last month and a very pleasant day out at the God Eye sector.

Towards the end of the session Jesse began working on a beautiful overhanging tall project, with big moves, on the north side of the hill. 
  Last weekend he finished the line and called it "Unicorn Tears" V6/7.

Earlier on that day in February, we got started on the In Spite boulder.  We warmed up on the established lines.

Kian climbing "In Spite of Injury" V1.

And Cameron climbing "In Spite of Love" V4/5.

Then we got to work on some undone lines.  After many failed attempts, I just barely managed to climb a line of solid small crimps from a SDS at the left side of the face into the end of "In Spite of Love."  I named it "In Spite of Myself."

Cameron working the start of "In Spite of Myself" V6/7.

Jesse did a new traverse across the face from the right to a top out on the left side of the face.

Ashley deciding not to top out Jesse's new line "Mother's Milk" V4.
Before we left, Sierra took advantage of her top out skills to add "In Spite of the Wind."  It's a V3 that follows the arete a few feet to the right of "In Spite of Injury" to a very committing straight up top out right over a boulder in the middle of the landing zone.  Only Sierra was willing to get her feet high and fully commit to it.

Then the snow returned to Sweetwater for a while.  So we didn't.

Now everything has melted out again, so last Sunday we got back for a session at the Norwegian Wood sector with Charlie and Kian.
 We warmed up on the established lines on the Easy Breezy wall.

Kian climbing "Beautiful" V2.

 And Ashley climbed "Cover Girl" V3 with an added traverse start from the left.
 From there we moved on to Norwegian Wood and a new project.  I'll post photos when someone sends it.

We finished our session with a couple new lines on a vertical wall with perfect patina.

The proudest lines on the wall are still unfinished, but I hope to have ascents to report and photos of them in the near future.

While we were working on the new things near Norwegian Wood,  Jesse, Kyle V., Matt, Steph, Sophia, and others were adding new lines near "Unicorn Tears."  Psyche is high, the forecast looks good, and I should have more to report very soon. But until then,

This is a Lloyd Climbing Blog Special Sport Climbing Report:

We haven't just been climbing at Sweetwater.  A couple weekends back, the local boulders were all covered in fresh snow so we visited The Joint.  It was my first visit to this high quality granite crag at the top of Sinks Canyon.
 It's definitely worth a trip!  A highlight of our session was watching Sierra get a top rope flash of "Mr. Bigshot" 5.11a.
If you haven't been there, I highly recommend checking it out.

And that's all I've got to share tonight, but I'll be posting often during the next few weeks.

Science Fair is over, the taxes are done, and Spring Break is almost here...