Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Bouldering Treasure Map

Quite a few bouldering developers have started using Google Maps to document the areas and problems that they've developed.  For areas that aren't too forested it's a convenient way to record what you've done.  But it's far from a guidebook.  Access routes aren't explained, and often paper maps need to be consulted and marked before heading out due to lack of cell phone coverage, and important information such as private land boundaries.  So I'm not convinced that Google Maps will take the place of guidebooks anytime soon, but they can be useful for the truly motivated, the casually curious, and for developers who want a convenient way to journal what they've done.

So here's a map where I've been recording some of the new boulder problems put up around Lander.  Enjoy!

A Bouldering Google Map to Some New Problems near Lander, WY