Monday, April 18, 2011

Oak Creek Canyon Photo Post

We spent one day of our Red Rocks trip bouldering at Oak Creek Canyon. The hike is much longer and the problems are much less concentrated than at the Kraft boulders. But the problems are high quality, and the scenery is worth the approach. Tom Moulin's Southern Nevada Bouldering guide makes the lines easy to find. The photos tell the story better than writing can.

Mt. Wilson deserves photo alteration. The sandstone Mt. Moran.

Warming up on the "Cabana Traverse."

The "Blood Trails" boulder.

Hiking up canyon.

Bouldering doesn't have to be high, or even that difficult, to be terrifying. "Brokeback Yoga" makes you feel insecure, committed, and vulnerable all at once.

"Peter Peter"

A final look at the boulders while hiking out.

More from our Red Rocks trip in a few days.

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