Thursday, April 13, 2017

Boundless Riches Beyond Compare

It's no secret that I think public lands are one of the best ideas Americans have ever had.   I wrote up my thoughts, perspective, and history with the topic for
Thunder Cling with help from Dave McAllister.  Check it out, and I hope that you like it!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

First Ascents

First ascents stand out.  The ones I've seen, and the ones I've done.  I've compiled a slideshow of Wyoming first ascents that I've been lucky enough to be a part of, mostly for my own benefit.  Keeping the days fresh in my memory, making sure that problems don't disappear, that they are documented, and shared.  The time seems right to share this video for those who are interested.  Note that the person photographed isn't necessarily the climber that got the first ascent.  Sometimes it's the repeats that get photographed.  If a problem in this video isn't in the Bouldering in the Wind River Range guidebook, it will most likely appear in a google map that I'm compiling or in the upcoming guidebook to The Rock Shop and City Walls.  Thanks go out to all the first ascentionists, and all the boulderers who shared information with me over the years.  Special thanks goes to Davin Bagdonas, Chris Marley, Jesse Brown, Vance White, Steve Bechtel, Greg Collins, Justin Iskra, and Justin Loyka.  Without them the vast majority of these problems never would have been done.  I'd also like to thank Ashley, and my family for climbing with me every weekend!


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Winter Days on Sunny Stone

The good winter days are often the best days!  The air is still, the rock is cool, you can spend all day in the sun without getting burned, and because they are rare you appreciate the nice days more. Our winter began with warm weather, and a great day at Roy, New Mexico.
 "Buttercup" is pretty tricky for V5, but I figured it out, and climbed it, before the end of the session.

I highly recommend this problem!

 We were there on a weekend during Christmas Break, and we still had the Jumbles all to ourselves for the day.

We managed to hit Sweetwater during a good day in February.  We added a few new lines to the warm up wall in the Norwegian Sector.  

When the stone is good at Sweetwater, it's amazingly good!
 Ashley and Sierra used the day to train for a trip to Hueco.
 A Sweetwater view, photos don't to the distance justice.  Those are the Wind River Mountains in the background, over 70 miles away.
Ashley and Sierra spent a whole week at Hueco, had a great time, but didn't get any great photos.

When the weather was poor this winter I looked at a lot of boulders.  Sierra hiked the granite with me.
 And I looked at sandstone high on the hills of Sinks Canyon.
 And sometimes we bouldered despite less than perfect weather.
Sierra's been interested in seeing what she can do on a rope.  She redpointed "Hardware" 5.12 on her second attempt.
 Did "The Wilds" 5.12a in conditions too cold for my fingers.
 And she redpointed "Moe" 5.12b in a session.  Here's Dave giving it a valiant effort.
Before Science Fair in Laramie we got in a couple sessions in northern Colorado.  Sierra flashed "Punk Rock Traverse" V5 at Horsetooth Reservoir.
 She did "Corner Lock" V4 on her third attempt.
 And unlocked the reachy (for her) crimp line on the left side of Pitch Penny.
We were only able to pack one pad for this trip, so I worked on the only difficult line I was comfortable trying with one pad, "Beast House" V9 at Arthur's Rock.
I didn't do it, but I did a move I'd never stuck before.

Torrey Valley delivered great conditions on a couple weekends.
 We climbed every line and variation we could come up with on the Bunk House Boulder.
 And one fun line on the "Chances" boulder.
The ice was very clear on the creek.
 I had Sierra pose on a finger crack in the ice.  Then I posted it to Instagram.  I thought the reflection and the snow boots made it pretty obvious what was going on, but it appears that some people were fooled by it.
The wildlife in Torrey Valley adds to the experience.  Sheep watched while I worked on a new compression line.
My highlight for the season was finishing the first ascent of "Just Being" V7/8 at Sweetwater.  My fifth session on the line, I worked out a sequence and had good enough conditions to keep the right hand crimp.
Here's video.

I've also been working on writing projects, and spring has gotten off to a good start.  I should have more news to post soon.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Over Two Hundred Problems at the Rock Shop Compiled!

The season is here for guidebook work, and work is beginning on a comprehensive guide to the Rock Shop.  I'm excited to be working with Justin Iskra, Kian Stewart, Ben Sears, and Kyle Duba this time around.  It's a true community project!  We want to get the word out, and collect input from as many Rock Shop developers/boulderers as possible.  So here is my current Rock Shop list based on personal experience, and what I could find online.  Dashes mean that I'm not aware of the problem and couldn't find star ratings online.  I'll update this list as I get more information.  If you see something that is incorrect or incomplete, please leave a comment here or e-mail me at  Thanks!

Sea of Pearls            V13*** Chris Marley
The Iron Spider   V13*** Chris Marley
Land of the Free (sit)   V12** Chris Marley
Land of the Free   V11*** Chris Marley
Smoking the Tree    V12** Chris Marley
Smoking the Tree (Stand)   V10** Chris Marley
Gem Thief                                   V11**         Chris Marley
The Giving Tree (Sit)   V11** Chris Marley
Unforgiving Tree (low start) V11** Chris Marley
"Philanderer Wall Traverse"         V10? **     Chris Marley
Spidey Sense                               V11**        Chris Marley
Pain and Perfection (low)   V11** Chris Marley
Shooting Stars   V11* Chris Marley
Astro Boy   V10** Chris Marley
Landiego          V10** Chris Marley
Get High and Fly                        V9 ***        Chris Marley
Back Alley Hooker                      V9***          Chris Marley
Landslide           V9* Chris Marley
Butch Cassidy           V9** Chris Marley
"Arete by Money Train"                V? —          Chris Marley
Starry Night                                  V7***         Chris Marley
Get High and Fly Stand                V7 **          Chris Marley
The Vault     V10 Chris Marley
Spider Sense (stand)     V10*   Chris Marley
Iron Spider (stand)             V10***     Chris Marley
Smokin’ the Tree (stand)     V10 **   Chris Marley
Mary Jane     V10**   Chris Marley
Electric Storm            V9 **   Chris Marley
How High     V9** Chris Marley
Mr. Green     V10** Chris Marley
Search Party             V10** Chris Marley
Corn on the Cob     V9* Chris Marley
Electric Shit   V8** Chris Marley
Shamrock    V8* Chris Marley
Pimp Hand     V7** Chris Marley
Sundance Kid            V6 ***   Chris Marley
"Swan Boulder Three Problems" V3- ~V6 *     Chris Marley
"Unnamed Traverse and Up Problem”* V5 and V6 Chris Marley
Sharma Style             V5*         Chris Marley
Mr. Nice Guy             V7**        Chris Marley
Piggy   V1**        Chris Marley
Lord of the Flies                         V5***       Chris Marley
Zef                                              V6**        Chris Marley
Traverse Into Zef                        V3*          Chris Marley
Piggy   V1** Chris Marley
Luke Skywalker   V8**              Chris Marley
Sleepy Hollow                             V6**             Chris Marley
Wonder Warmup                         V2**             Chris Marley
Wonder Dyno                              V8**             Chris Marley
Unnamed near Wonder               V7*              Chris Marley

Snake Eyes Traverse                                   V7**        BJ Tilden
Bust a Lung (Is this Smoking the Tree sit?) V12***    BJ Tilden

Bandito                          V11**         Carlo Traversi

Lost in Space                                 V11**       Mike Bockino

The Giving Tree     V10***        Jamie Emerson

Philanderer      V9 ***      Jon Glassberg
Lander Calphilanderer      V9 **   Jon Glassberg
Philander Calrissian      V9 **         Jon Glassberg
Trick Ass Mark      V10***        Jon Glassberg
Name of the Wind SDS      V9 ***   Jon Glassberg 

Lander Before Time      V7 *   Connor Griffith 
Name of the Wind      V8 ***   Connor Griffith
Lander Calrissian      V7/8 **     Connor Griffith

Holy Canoli                   V9/10**              Skyler Bol
V4 to the right of H.C.    V4*                   Skyler Bol

Grave Wave               V5***  Justin Iskra
Lords of Dogtown                          V6** Justin Iskra
Chocolate Thunder                       V2***       Justin Iskra
Escape From Reality                      V6**        Justin Iskra
Boats and Hoes                             V4**           Justin Iskra
Long Far Gone                               V4***          Justin Iskra
Come Sail Away                            V1***          Justin Iskra
World Gone Sour                            V7*         Justin Iskra
Cock Salad V6* Justin Iskra
The Morse Rides Again Direct        V5***        Justin Iskra
Welcome Back Slab                         V1**           Justin Iskra
Welcome Back Arete                        V2* Justin Iskra
Shit Storm V5**            Justin Iskra

Liquid Nails                                          V1***          Mark Avery

Inglorious Bastard                                V6**         Zach Rudy
Psychedelic Relic                                 V8***       Zach Rudy
The Unforgiving Tree                            V9**       Zach Rudy

Pain and Perfection                         V10**         Ashley Lloyd 
La Traverse’e de L’anniversaire V7***               Ashley Lloyd
Burly                                                 V6**               Ashley Lloyd
Powerball                                         V6*          Ashley Lloyd 
On the Move                                    V4**         Ashley Lloyd 
Jet Stream                                       V3**          Ashley Lloyd
Bikini Bottom                                    V3           Ashley Lloyd
Hold Your Horses        V5/6*     Ashley Lloyd
Copperhead                   V5**        Ashley Lloyd 
Ready to Go                  V4*           Ashley Lloyd
Snake Salad                                     V6*         Ashley Lloyd
Two Snakes Traverse                       V6**        Ashley Lloyd
To the Pain                                        V6*          Ashley Lloyd
Little Roof                                          V5           Ashley Lloyd/Jesse Firestone
Rattlesnake Traverse                        V5*         Ashley Lloyd
Slopers to Quality                              V4**        Ashley Lloyd
Too Fun                                              V4*        Ashley Lloyd

Young Blood                  V5***       Jesse Brown
Super Nova                                       V3***       Jesse Brown
Headless Horseman                         V3***             Jesse Brown
Black Swan                                        V5**         Jesse Brown
Font Simulator                                   V4**              Jesse Brown
C-3PO                                                V7*         Jesse Brown
R2D2                                                  V7*         Jesse Brown
Punctuality Award                               V2*         Jesse Brown
Roasted                                              V2           Jesse Brown
Shots Fired                                         V2**             Jesse Brown
Square Planet                                     V3*              Jesse Brown
Solar Flare                                          V1**             Jesse Brown
El Moreno Right                                  V2**             Jesse Brown
The Engagement     V5*              Jesse Brown
The Lobster                                         V3?**          Jesse Brown
(Left of Silence)                                   V4?**          Jesse Brown

Drop it Like It's Hot                              V6***       Charlie Manganiello
Always on Time                                   V5**         Charlie Manganiello 
Against All Odds                                  V4*         Charlie Manganiello 

True Blood            V6*         Matt Saunders

Mustache Ride                                     V2**           Brian Horlick

Snakes on a Train                              V6**          Kian Stewart
Motherfucking Snakes                        V7***        Kian Stewart
Joy of Life                                           V5**           Kian Stewart
Mesmerize                                          V4**           Kian Stewart
The Wedge                                         V4—            Kian Stewart
The Wind Blows High                         V4—            Kian Stewart
Coral Reefer                                       V4         Kian Stewart
Satisfy My Soul                                   V3/4—         Kian Stewart
Moon Rocks                                        V3**           Kian Stewart
Havana Daydream                              V2**         Kian Stewart
Limb by Limb                                       V1—           Kian Stewart
The Line                                               V1—           Kian Stewart
My Side Piece                                     V1/2—         Kian Stewart
High Stakes                                         V? —          Kian Stewart
In Tents                                                V?—            Kian Stewart
Heartless Bastard                                V3**        Kian Stewart
The Sun is Shining                            V0/1 —        Kian Stewart
Party Time                                           V0 —          Kian Stewart

Nexus                                                 V6***            David Lloyd
Giddyup                   V4**     David Lloyd
Caroline Test                   V5**         David Lloyd
Boulder of Montana                   V5**              David Lloyd
Preemptive Strike             V3**         David Lloyd
Fear of Commitment          V4**         David Lloyd
Silence                  V3**         David Lloyd
Raise the Roof                                   V1*           David Lloyd
Awakenings                                        V1*          David Lloyd
Millenium Falcon          V5**         David Lloyd
Stone Country                                    V3/4*       David Lloyd
Touch of Grey                                    V6**         David Lloyd
Stone Country SDS           V7**        David Lloyd
Gaston Gaston           V5*      David Lloyd
Perfect Storm                   V6**        David Lloyd
The Great Escape                               V5**         David Lloyd
Pit Viper                                               V4*         David Lloyd
2nd Hand Smoke                                V5**         David Lloyd
Doom Doom             V2**             David Lloyd
Mars Attacks                                        V6*              David Lloyd
Scrunchity Crunch                               V4*              David Lloyd
Sliced Bread                                        V3**             David Lloyd
Total Paralysis                                     V3**             David Lloyd
Fighting Paralysis                                V2***           David Lloyd
Armchair Martian                                 V2**             David Lloyd
Jammin’ is a Thing of the Past            V1**             David Lloyd
Get to the Point                                   V1*              David Lloyd

Moss Man Prophecy                             V4**       Calen Campbell
Big Fudge                                              V2**      Calen Campbell
Skid Marks                                            V2**       Calen Campbell
Calen's Face                                         V2/3*     Calen Campbell
Short Stack and Variations                    ~V2*       Calen Campbell

"Two V2s near Lord of the Flies"            V2* Chris Marley and Tony Stark?
Foul Mouth                                              V4**        Tony Stark
Shit Storm         V5**        Tony Stark
Full Sail                                                   V7***       Tony Stark
The Morse Rides Again                          V4***        Tony Stark

La Boulangerie                                        V3**         Alan Pirie

In the Akasha                                            V9**      Kerrek Stinson

Darth                                                          V3*         Bryan VanSickle
Pork Chop                                                  V6***      Bryan Vansickle
First Contact                     V5**       Bryan Vansickle
Tongue'er Muffin                                        V5?**     Bryan Vansickle

Just Getting Started                                    V5*          Alex Johnston
My Mind's Eye Traverse                             V6**         Alex Johnston
Hard Rock Syndrome                                 V2*          Alex Johnston
Seemingly Suspect                                     V3*          Alex Johnston
My Mind's Eye                                             V1**        Alex Johnston

Termites                                                      V5**        Matt Pincus
Land is Not Free              V7*         Matt Pincus

Weirdos From Another Planet                     V5**     Jesse Firestone 
Captain Obvious                                          V2*       Jesse Firestone
If, Then, Because                                        V7*         Jesse Firestone

Slippery Truth                                               V1*          Sierra Lloyd
Bobcat’s                                                       V1**         Sierra Lloyd

The Hills Have Eyes                                     V3***       Ben Williams

Money Train                                                   V2***    Stephen Snell

Unnamed                                                       V4**           Spenser Tang-Smith
Unnamed                                                       V3---       Spenser Tang-Smith
Purple is a Color                                            V2           Spenser Tang-Smith

Zef Warm ups                                                V0-2*        ?
Piggy to Lord of the Flies V.                           V5*           ?
Quality Warmup                                             V1***        ?

The Other                                                       V2 **        ?