Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bouldering at Arthur's Rock

We went to Arthur's on Saturday.

A new sign suggests that bouldering is recognized by park staff as legitimate recreation.

We warmed up, then jumped on Beast House.

It's short, sharp, and stupidly difficult. Three moves long, only if you include matching as a move, over maybe five feet of rock. Ashley tried it on our first climbing trip to Arthur's approximately 8 years ago. Ashley's tried it a few times over the years since then, but never sent it until yesterday. It's hard to rate a problem like this. I'd estimate V8/9. I can do the first and last move, but haven't unlocked the match yet. Here is the video.

We moved on up the trail to Shot Put. I had never been on this problem before, and I was very impressed. It's a beautiful problem that has some very fun moves. I haven't worked out the top yet, and will definitely be heading back. The last problem we worked on was Snake and Skewer. I've been told this is V6, but the same source once told me Vice is V6. We worked out most of it, but didn't top out. It's a sharp, uncomfortable problem, but I've put enough time into it now that I want to finish it off.


sock hands said...

is this just right of 'sir arthur's lunge' [round the right corner from 'godzilla']?

if so, that little rig destroyed my fingers and ego last spring!

harder than any two moves on childbirth, that's for sure!

David said...

That's the one. It seems wrong that a problem so short can be so hard. Childbirth looks fun and frightening. I'd like to get up there with a bunch of pads and try that someday.

chuffer said...

socktard must have had 12 pads for his send of Childbirth. took him all of 10 minutes. The Snake and Skewer spit me off the top 2nd try. We'll have to get up there with proper paddage sometime soon for a day of fun. I remain really motivated to try Voodoo Lady and Syringe too.

thnx for putting up cool photos, videos and family stories. this is one of my must-see blogs.