Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stuck in the Snow

The snow and cold have lingered into this weekend. We spent a session on the Elemental Training Center's wall, and I took a drive up Sinks Canyon.

The snow was deep, but I still have hope for climbing on Columbus day. I spent an hour with a snow shovel and broom getting snow off a boulder, shoveling a trail, and digging out an area for the girls to hang out in. Maybe winter isn't here to stay, and my efforts will pay off.

Or maybe it will keep snowing tonight.

To help myself get through the weekend, I bought the new guidebook to Ten Sleep Canyon, Wyoming Heavenly Thunderstorm Opens Up New Universe by Aaron Huey. It's a very entertaining and strange guidebook. I checked out the website address in the back of the book, and was impressed by Aaron's photography. Check it out at Aaron Huey is a Photographer.

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sock hands said...

aaron's got some impressive shots. very telling. thanks for the link