Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Land of OZ

 Sometimes unspoken wishes come true.  Last weekend, I was wishing that Neverland was closer to Lander.  And today, I explored an area with stone just like Neverland, that's only an hour's drive away.  Davin circled this spot on my maps a few years ago, but when I went to explore the place one spring day, I turned around the mini van when I encountered a wet two track road.  I passed along Davin's tip to Chris and said that he should check it out if he had the time.  He made the drive, and then wrote a blog post that inspired me to try the trip again.  Today I was driving a 4 wheel drive Honda Ridgeline, the roads were dry, and Jeremy came with me.  The trip was casual.  I probably could have made it in the mini van.

The weather was unsettled, a little cold, and windy.  I wasn't expecting to climb.  My hope was only to scout the drive, and the stone, and maybe find a few of the lines Chris has already developed.  I couldn't believe it when we ended up taking a direct path to "A Tribe Called Lander" hidden up on a ridge.  Boulderers must think alike.  It looks incredible, and desperate!

A Tribe Called Lander
 We passed many high quality boulders, and problems.
 We also saw some, Neverland style, fake rock art.  A strange coincidence.
 The best block and walls are a little spread out, but when you find good stuff, it's really good.  Solid, featured, gneiss with very little lichen to brush.
 There is potential for scattered, short, sport climbs on great rock too.
 Occasionally faces don't have holds, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
 Even the tiniest crimps are solid on the stone here.
 I'm excited to return, and next time I'll be climbing.
 I've got so much rock to keep me busy, and feel very lucky to have it.  Just happen to be at the right place at the right time I guess.
 Depending on the weather, I could return next weekend, or need to wait until April.

Jeremy taking in the vastness.
Thanks Davin for the recommendation.  Thanks Chris for checking it out, and sharing what you found. And thanks Jeremy for coming out with me for some exploration.  Another fantastic new area... I can hardly believe it!  Christmas came early this year.