Friday, October 2, 2009

The Hampi Boulders' Access Situation

I've gotten some information about the access situation at the Hampi Boulders, and feel the best way to protect the area is to let those who read this blog know about it. Many of the Hampi Boulders are on private property, and vehicle access to climbs on many of the domes at Sweetwater rocks crosses private property. The landowner allows access, but this access could be revoked at any time at the landowner's discretion. An employee at the BLM told me that the landowner will allow climbers in low numbers, but has expressed the opinion that they don't want their land to become a "destination climbing area." To maintain access, it is very important to limit group size, and the number of vehicles parked near the rocks. Anyone visiting Sweetwater areas on private lands, or requiring roads that cross private lands, should maintain a low profile by visiting in small groups with few vehicles, leave all fence gates as found, cross bridges slowly, never build fires or spook animals, and obey posted signs.

Or just spend time exploring the rocks on public lands by getting a BLM Surface Management Status map. Now that I've got one, I know of some good looking boulders that I'm allowed to check out.

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