Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweetwater Rocks Photopost

We returned to the God Eye boulders on Sunday. We had great weather, and climbed a few problems. A highlight for me was figuring out the crux reach on "God Eye."

A highlight for Ashley was doing the first ascent of a difficult traverse. I jokingly suggested that it should be called the "Goddess Traverse." Ashley decided the name was perfect.

The start
The middle
A couple lowball moves follow, and then it tops out.

A traverse into "God Eye" is possible, but would be very difficult. I still need a second session to send the "Goddess Traverse."

We saw many raptors, pronghorn, and cows. Only the photos of the cows turned out.
Cute calf milk face.
I had to keep the writing short this week. Three more days of school, and then I'll have the time for more bouldering, exploring, and blogging.

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Davin said...

That new traverse would be fantastic to link all the way into the God Eye!

Don't know if you walked southward around the God Eye Area to the drainage, but I think you'll like what you see over there.

Keep up the developing!