Wednesday, September 2, 2015

City Walls and the Rock Shop: Photos and Captions

My F.A. of "Hummingbirds and Eagles" V4/5, at City Walls
 We've been climbing a lot since the Mt. Lester trip, and I'll probably be climbing a lot over this upcoming long weekend.  It's getting late, and I need to catch up.  So I'll just be writing short captions this week.

Hiking out to City Walls.

The second ascent of Ashley's problem "Technicolor" V7, at City Walls.
 Ashley on the first ascent of "Back to School" V3, City Walls.
 Ashley on the F.A. of "New Curriculum" V4, City Walls.
 Ashley on the F.A. of the "Scrunchy Traverse" V5, City Walls.
 Ashley climbing Kian's "Moon Rocks" V3, at The Rock Shop.
 Ashley climbing one variation on a warm up wall we finished cleaning just below "Zef."
 Charlie climbing the "Get High and Fly Stand Start" V6.
 Ashley in front of the "Sacks" boulder, with  "Awakenings" V1 and the "On the Move Traverse" V4.
 Ashley climbing "Raise the Roof" V1.
 Spenser working on "Get High and Fly" V9 at the Rock Shop.
 Another shot of Spenser working "Get High and Fly" V9 at the Rock Shop.
 Stephen's highball called "Money Train" V2 at the Rock Shop.
One of the main purposes of posting all these shots is so I can update my Scribble Maps.  A Scribble Map of City Walls will be posted soon.