Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snow Hits Lander!

Yesterday, we had a good afternoon of sport climbing on the Hardware Wall in Sinks Canyon. The mountains kept getting obscured by clouds, then the skies would open a bit. This kept repeating, and each time the mountains got more and more covered in snow. The snow didn't come down canyon though, until this morning. It has snowed heavily for at least 13 hours now, and it's supposed to continue through tonight. Here are a few photos I took this afternoon.

Throughout today, as I cleaned and did laundry etc., I was planning to write a well developed post about how climbing alters consciousness, perception, and also alters my mood. Basically about how all three are enhanced by concentration and fear while climbing, and for an hour or two after a session. But also about how I'm often in a bad mood the day after intense climbing. A type of climbing high hangover. I'm wondering about whether this is common for other climbers? Now it's late, and I'm no longer in the mood to write a long post.


Davin said...

Good you have been out a bunch! The post climb hangover is real and varied. Some have a minor case while others go on for days like a bad bottle of booze. Best way to deal with it is to go straight back to the beast that bit you. Have fun in the cool temps!

Ricky said...

Dave, perhaps it's correlated with the libations that typically occur after a day of hard climbing, or no climbing for that matter, that have clouded my ability to add insightful commentary. If so, that hangover trumps the climbing hangover. I will state with certainty, however, that non-climbing relapses are much more harmful than any proposed climbing hangover.

David said...

Thanks for the comments. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who experiences post climbing hangover. I'd agree that drinking hangovers are a lot worse. I get hungover from a single drink, which is a main reason you won't see me drinking very often.

On the plus side I'm very sensitive to caffeine. It's my drug of choice, and I can use it anywhere. It helps get me through, when I can't go climbing.