Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another Day at The Beach

Sunny, fifty degrees, and a bit of wind.  A perfect day for The Beach, and we had new lines to get on.  Since our last trip, Justin and Matt have gotten some things done at the Beach.  I even heard that Ben helped out with some landing work!

After warming up on "Surfer's Paradise," I walked up the hill and did Justin's new V5 "Soft Like Me."
 Tall, with cool pockets, and an insecure top out that gets your attention.  It's the best line on the Rolling Dune.
 The girls enjoying "Surfer's Paradise."
 We spent the rest of the day on the Chobra boulder.  We both did the SDS line that tops out on the choss jugs.  Then we got to work on the difficult top out to "Chobra" V6.  It's one of the most difficult mantles I've ever done.  I managed to figure out the top out, but I still need to link it from the start.
 Ashley worked out her sequence to the top out, but hasn't quite done the mantle.
 Before we knew it, we were too worked to even try "Terdy Hairy." It traverses in from the right, and looks like a great line.  We're excited to get back to both lines soon.
It's great to have some high quality new problems to work on.  Thanks Justin and Matt!