Friday, August 19, 2016

Terra Incognita Interview, Wolverine Publishing, and End of Summer Photos

I've got news to share!

Terra Incognita did a thorough interview with me this week.  If you'd like to read the most complete synopsis of my thoughts on climbing ever recorded, check it out here.

Wolverine Publishing is now carrying my guidebook Bouldering in the Wind River Range.  If you'd like a copy of my greatest creative work to date, it's available here.

And summer vacation is over, but I got some great climbing in before returning to school.  Here are my favorite photos from the last few weeks described with short captions.

I got to watch Kian get the first ascent of Mother*^!^*@# Snakes at the Rock Shop.  It's a great looking line, and might be in the V8 range.  Please let me know if you get the second ascent.
 And I saw Chris get the first ascent of "The Conversation" at the White Stripes sector of Roaring Fork.

Kerrek had a great day at the White Stripes just a couple days later.
He got the 2nd ascent of "Knife Fight."

 Then he repeated "Switch Blade" and "The Conversation."

Ashley got the first ascent of "The Sabbatical" V8, at the White Stripes Sector.

Here's a shot I like of Alta and Kerrek starting the three mile hike out.

For my last big trip of the summer I spent 5 days at Devil's Kitchen with Jason.   I'm posting photos, and I'm not going to pretend they were taken elsewhere.  But be aware that access is sensitive.  Buy the Tribal Fishing and Trespass permit.  Get a tour from a local boulderer if you can, and try to be as discreet as possible.

Jason taught me how to take better photos of the stars.  Here's one that I like.
 We descended into the canyons of waterfalls and thick vegetation twice.
 And had a great time on the blocks of the lower kitchen.
 My family joined us for the last three days of the trip.  A highlight was when Ashley, Sierra, and I all climbed a line that might be called "Stripes" V7.
 Chris and Paco made the trip in too.  Paco is the happiest dog I've ever met.
 Devil's Kitchen is a special place.
 On a rest day I hiked to the summit of the granite island, and got an amazing view.
 On my way I found a few good blocks in a sector called the upper upper kitchen, and we went there on our last day.

Ashley warming up on the Triton boulder.

 I climbed "Triton" which one of the best V4s I've ever done.
 And Sierra climbed it too.
 Jason on the final morning of the trip.
On my last bouldering day of the break I worked on "Psychedelic Relic" at the Rock Shop. While I kept falling off the crux move, Ashley and Sierra both climbed "Inglorious Bastard" V7.
 The climbing's already been really good the last few weeks, and it's not even fall yet!