Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We got a couple good sessions in over the weekend. Saturday morning we had an early morning session with Brandon and Amanda at Rotary. We did a lot of fun contrivances.

Today we toured an area called Flash's Meadow with Jacob, Amanda, and Brandon. Jacob has spent a lot of time exploring the place.

The good boulders are spread out, but there are some worthy ones hidden where you'd least expect them.
The Thumb has a couple great lines.

Jacob showing us how it's done on the best line on The Thumb.

No one managed to top out on The Thumb, but it was fun just trying to link the moves to the ledge.
No one chickened out on the Sloper boulder.

We climbed on an intimidating problem called Death of a Traditional Man. I didn't feel bad about backing off on that one. I did commit on an arete problem to the right of it, and managed to top out despite some nerves.

Our last stop was a problem called Desperado. It should have been our first. It's a high quality, difficult, overhanging problem that isn't too tall. Our skin was too far gone to put in our best effort. Ashley worked out most of it, and I'm sure we'll get back to it soon.

I really enjoyed the day. Thanks Jacob for another great tour. I never would have found this stuff.

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