Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Best Horsetooth Hang Ever.

Volunteers at the Hang.

This year was the most enjoyable hang I've ever been to. The costumes were fun, Angie and Jamie's slideshow was well done and fit perfectly with the event, the weather was good, it wasn't too crowded, and I wasn't competing to win. I had so much fun flying off Left Eliminator, socializing, trying to win a pad by picking up glass, and getting inspired by photos of Switzerland. While I was doing everything but competing, Ashley ticked her circuit to win the Women's open for the seventh year in a row. Rather than write on and on, I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

Justin going straight towards my face-lam.

Tom dressed as himself.

Tony, winner of this year's best costume award.

NCCC board member Ricky.

NCCC board member Andi.

Marty wearing the runner-up costume.

Robyn and Dee Dee watching the event.

Colleen climbing Face it You're a Flake.

NCCC President Cam showing he can lasso as well as he can organize the Hang.

NCCC board member Ashley giving Andre a lasso lesson just a couple minutes after she learned how.

Kelly's lasso redpoint.

See you there next year.


chuffer said...

damn, looked like fun.

fortunately, my days of working too damn much, sleeping very little and climbing less are almost over. unfortunately, in a few weeks I've got to move to D.C. for a new job. two sides to every coin I guess ...

Very disappointed I never got to climb or volunteer for a Horsetooth Hang. Props to Cam for keeping this fine tradition alive and kicking!

Good jorb Ashley!

David said...

Enjoy D.C.! I'm disappointed I didn't get to climb with you this last year. Thanks for area beta, your comments here, and both of your blogs. I'll miss your take on local bouldering areas during the next couple years.
See ya,

Peter Beal said...

Ashley and David,
Sorry I missed you at the Hang. I wanted to talk with you about how you work out climbing with children.

Jesse and Colleen said...


Sweet! Colleen climbed in the morning, and I see you got a nice shot of her. Could you email me (here: blue_sky_at_night 'The symbol for AT' the full res of this image? Sweet Pic. I volunteered at Piano in the afternoon. Nice day, the weather was typical Colorado - chilly breezy then downright hot once the sun got it's thing on.

Congrats to Ashley -


David said...

Hi Peter,
You can send me an e-mail at if you'd like.
We've just been doing our best to work it out with the kids as we go, but I might be able to offer some advice.

Anonymous said...

David, not sure if you saw this but there is a lively discussion on about the guidebook. you can read what bob himself thinks and a very lengthy post from my part. check out the blogs. mine are entitled colorad bouldering gbook embarrassment jamie
glad you like the swiss pics

kellymcbride said...

Great Post!