Sunday, August 24, 2008

Frustration Equals Motivation?

I'm not so sure. We had a frustrating day at the 420's yesterday. No sending, no pictures, lost our skin quick. Poudre granite is incredibly good. Fine grain, smooth, and solid, but it felt slick as snot yesterday. The granite at Red Feather and Vedauwoo might not be as aesthetically pleasing, but at least you can stick to it when it's humid out. That's my new theory, anyway.

Here is the video of Ashley climbing Return of the Jedi at Red Cliff a couple weeks ago. Enjoy.


Nathanael said...

Hey - I'm from Colorado Springs and I'm going to be up in the Wind River Mountains this week. On the way back I was thinking about hitting Vedauwoo for the first time. I saw your post and it sounds like your love of the place makes you a great resource. I'm definitely not a crack climber, so I was hoping you could generally direct me to some choice problems in the V0-V7 range. I've got the Dr. Topo guidebook as my only reference so if there's something in there or nearby that would be awesome. Thanks!

chuffer said...

one of the best low-def climbing videos I've seen in awhile!!!

good jorb!