Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ahh Vedauwoo!

Today was a beautiful day at Vedauwoo. Ft. Collins was cold and cloudy when we left. Ashley wanted to call the trip off, to climb somewhere else, but the clouds thinned as we went north, and skies were completely clear at Vedauwoo. It was a calm and sunny, crisp sixty degree, absolutely perfect day. Aaron and Shaun met us up there, and after warming up we went to "Soak 'em in Cider." It got sent a few times, but no one thought it felt easy. "Iron Maiden" was the next stop. It felt very hard, and I didn't understand why. It took a few tries before I realized that the tape I had put on a couple fingers to keep them from bleeding, was actually making it much harder to climb the problem. I took the tape off. The problem hurt more, but felt much better to climb. I popped off the end a few times, and had to talk Ashley into letting me have one more try, after I had promised that the try before would be my last. Then I did it. I didn't really expect it, and it didn't feel that bad. A nine day process spread out over 15 months was done, just like that.

Aaron worked out the moves, here are a few photos.

A couple weeks ago I heard about a website called PhotoSynth. It's a site that can put photos together and create a three dimensional landscape out of them. It sounded like it would be a great resource for online bouldering guides. I took about 100 photos at Vedauwoo last week, and tried to create one. The results were underwhelming so I'm not posting the link. The site appears to work if you stand still and take 100 pictures, but can't put them together very well when you're hiking. Also it only works on Windows machines so I had to try it at school. If you're interested, Google Climbing PhotoSynths. I found a cool one of "Midnight Lightning", and one of the Vedauwoo route called "Squat."


Bunchuk said...

interesting rock colour and type, never seen anything like it, certainly never climbed on it!

chuffer said...

awesome jorb David!

congrats. now be sure and repeat it for the comp this weekend.

Anonymous said...

From Aaron's mom--Thanks for sharing
to pics of Aaron climbing. Since
I'm stuck in Michigan, it's great
to see him.