Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's New

Things have been busy, and getting out climbing is more important than blogging about it, so I skipped last weekend. The weather's been wild, but during the last couple weeks we got out for three sport climbing sessions and some after school bouldering. Despite a poor forecast, Shaun and Elaina sp? drove up from Ft. Collins for some climbing. We had a cold and windy session projecting "Addiction." Shaun is committed to finishing the line, so we might get to climb with them again soon.

After school one day we did a variety of lines on Punk Rock. We each finished a lowball traverse called "The Cob."

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I might not have finished the problem during that session if spectators hadn't shown up. Thanks for the motivation Joe.

Spring keeps springing with blooming Phlox,

hillsides turning green,

and chirping Marmots.

The girls have been bouldering too.

Perfecting their mantle techniques.

And yesterday we came across some young kids having a wonderful time swinging out into the canyon on eighty feet of rope.

Here are some links you might enjoy.
If you're interested in a quick history of Lander climbing, and the influence Todd Skinner had on the area, check out this article Steve Bechtel wrote on the subject Lander- Climbing Capitol of the Rockies.

If you would like to see great photography of Wyoming wildlife, including a gallery from the Lander area, take a look at Scott Copeland's photography site.

And if you want to see an incredible bouldering film, including the best Wyoming climbing footage I've ever seen, download Core. You can read a full review on Mountains and Water. I'd summarize it as similar to "Pure" but meatier, with even better camera work and picture quality. Well done Chuck! There will be a showing at the Cowfish Bar this Thursday at 8:00. Wild Iris won't be selling it until after the show, but it's already showing at regularly scheduled times on my computer.

But that's not all! Davin was in Lander today. We hoped to get out to look at some boulders. But he brought weather with him from Laramie, and we didn't get out due to fresh snow last night. We did get a chance to talk, and mark up maps though. I've got hundreds of miles of driving and hiking in my future, and will also be hiring a pack horse.

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Anonymous said...

You killed it on that problem. Great job on the climb, and keep up the even better work on your blog. It motivates me to get out and climb more than once a month or so, lol.