Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweetwater Rocks

Pronghorn from the Agate Flats Road.

I had a great day of climbing on Sunday. Ashley was on a five day field trip to Yellowstone, where she discovered some bouldering by the way, and I took the girls out to Sweetwater with Chris. Chris first visited the Sweetwater area only a month and a half ago. But since then, he's been busy hiking the area, cleaning problems, climbing problems and even getting permission to access boulders through private ranch land. We met at an area easily visible from Agate Flats Road that has been discovered at least a couple times. Public land, with easy access, that's already popular with campers and hunters.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Area

We climbed a few problems including the area classic. Which might have once been named
"Black Pearl", but was also named "Wave of Mutilation."

Fun stuff.

From there we drove to some great boulders accessed through private land.

Chris working a classic and difficult project.

Chris worked on many highball lines as well on Sunday, brushing holds as he climbed. Even more impressive than his ability to commit off the deck, is his willingness to commit on the roads. He's gotten his car into areas I'd never take my van.

As we got more tired, we moved on to more moderate looking lines. Many of them turned out to be much more difficult than expected. The white rock of the sector is the hardest stone I've ever climbed on, with fantastic sand polished, sculpted features that are as smooth as glass. The seemingly turtle waxed rock by the stream in Eldorado Canyon has more friction.

This moderate looking layback problem took me four attempts. I named it "Quartz Quarrel."

Some horses checking us out at the end of the day.

If boulderers can continue to get access to areas through private lands, and establish ourselves as a responsible user group. Sweetwater could one day become a significant bouldering area.

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