Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few First Ascents

We had surprisingly nice weather on Sunday at Sweetwater Rocks. Lander was cold and cloudy, but I saw a sliver of blue on the Eastern horizon and we drove to it. I showed Ashley some week old classics, and got first ascents of five new problems. We added a sit start to "Quartz Quarrel" and I climbed "Quartz Quarrel's" wide crack offwidth style to create "Quartz Chasm."

The most difficult and classic new line of the day is pictured below. For a while I wasn't sure it would go.

When I try really hard, sometimes I lose my shirt.

Bruce Banner had a similar issue.
All rock right of the chimney is off.

Ashley climbing a problem that hasn't been officially finished yet. It will be a highball one day, but for now it ends with both feet on an obvious jug 7 feet up below a tall lichen covered slab. I call the sane variation "Take a Stand."

The following problem turned out to be pretty easy. The glassy texture of the holds, and uneven landing, add excitement. I call it "Glass House."

Ashley on the crouch start of a nicely featured line. I topped it out above and to the left the crouch start, but it still needs an obvious and burly sit start added to it before it will be a completed problem.

A closing Haiku.

Granite carved by sand.
Waiting on sagebrush highlands,
the season is here.

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