Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sinks Sessions

Sinks Canyon was sunny and busy on Sunday. My third day on "Bush Doctor" and Ashley's second. We climbed with Mark, so Ashley was able to get some photos.

Making progress, but both attempts on Sunday I pumped out where I'm pictured in the photo above. When we finished working "Bush Doctor" it was getting warm and all the cliffs were in full sun, so we finished the session bouldering in the shade on Punk rock.

We spent time after school last week on the Owl Boulder. It was our second choice, after we discovered the Rubber Blanket Boulder was surrounded by a puddle from melting snow. "The Oyster" is a difficult boulder problem on the Owl that gets 2 stars in the "Lander Rock" guide. I'd walked past it before, and always been scared away by the tiny sharp pockets leading out the bulge. It looks awful, but once I started working it, I discovered I could skip the tiny sharp pockets. It's a really good problem once you have the beta worked out. If you want to see some beta, check out the photos below.

The toe hook is key, and it feels very tenuous to let go with the right hand. But it can stick!

Ashley couldn't reach the good pocket so she had to use some very small holds. Here are photos of the sequence she used to finish problem.

Spring is here, the snow is melting, more rock is climbable everyday. Get out there.

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