Friday, June 4, 2010

Time to Climb

The school year is finished. Today was the last day. I was too busy to blog last weekend, but we've been climbing. Bouldering and sport climbing in Sinks Canyon last weekend and after school. Tried a session at Sweetwater, but it was too windy. Now it's heating up, and the spring season at Sweetwater might have been a short one.

Here are the photos.

Ashley climbing "Broken Face," a good problem just up the hill North of Bruce's Bridge. Watch for poison ivy near the boulder.

Ashley climbing B.Y.B.S.B. on the Sector boulder.

Ashley climbing a traverse into "Monster Prodigy."

I'd begun to think of Wyoming as a pastel state, but that changed recently.

Aspen leaves have emerged.

The sagebrush prairie couldn't be greener.

And a few weeks ago Killer cave formed a beautiful waterfall. It's dried up now, but water is still flowing over parts of the cliffs. Now you can see where the streaks come from.

In other news, "Rocky Mountain Highball" appeared on the DVD shelf at the Wild Iris climbing shop last weekend. After years of waiting, it just showed up when I no longer expected it. If you enjoy highballs anywhere, boulder in Colorado, have spent time bouldering in Colorado, or plan to boulder there, I highly recommend it. I like the interview segments, the spectacular scenery, it's pacing, and that it focuses on the climbs rather than the climbers. It's a straight forward, well done film, that expresses the feel of Colorado bouldering very accurately.

Now that school is finished I'll be on the rocks, exploring, and have the time to write some quality posts. A couple trips have been planned, but the one to Needle Peak this weekend has been called off. I feel like focusing on the rock around here for a while.

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Jamia @ said...

The view over the prairie looks great and I love the sound of a waterfall when I am climbing, running water seems to make the experience all that more peacfull in a strange way. Enjoy your climbing.