Sunday, August 30, 2009


Each time a summer break ends and a new school year begins, I'm utterly shocked at how much time being a teacher requires. At how little time is left over for the important things, like climbing up rocks.

Now that we're both teaching, our lives are filled to overflowing. Everything must be scheduled in accordance with our priorities. We managed to get out for a session at the Cheese Graters, another at the Cabin Boulders, and a full Saturday at Wild Iris this week. We didn't manage to get many photos, or give our daughters a bath for three days in a row. Like I said, we're sticking to the priorities.

After our session at the Cheese Graters, we checked out the Beehive Boulder. The long V7 traverse that goes all the way across the south face looks really good.

The Beehive Boulder

Enlarged to show texture.

Now that the blog post is finished, I'll start cleaning the house.


Alexis Sanders said...

Hey; I miss you guys and look forward to visiting when schedules become a little less crazy. Alexis

David said...

Hey Alexis, sounds good! Send me an e-mail if you're planning a trip.