Monday, September 7, 2009

Loving Labor Day

Just one more day in a weekend and so much becomes possible. The school and house work got finished, and I got out for three climbing sessions over the three day weekend. I'm exhausted, but it feels good. Davin, Marla, Bryan, and Rachel came up to the Lander area. Davin showed me two new areas, and gave me topos to enough problems to keep me busy for quite a while. It's wonderful to know where these great areas are, and to be sure that I won't run out of good bouldering anytime soon. I can't thank Davin enough for generously sharing his knowledge and time.

On a weekday session, we hiked above the Cabin boulders and found some good problems on sandstone.

On Saturday I rode with Davin and Marla to Torrey Valley, and it is beautiful! It reminds me of Moraine Park in RMNP with even more rock to look at. We spent the day climbing on widely spaced granite glacial erratics.

Bryan working "Moving to the Darkside." The move felt too big for me, but I climbed an open project on the left side of the boulder. A mantle on a feature, then up the lichen covered 45 degree slab. It felt a bit sketchy. I called it "The Green 45" V3.

Marla's Mom donated a large turnip for us to share.

Davin patiently waiting for his turnip.

Fun with Oscar.

The Mead Boulder
Davin climbing "With a Little Help From My Friends."

Bryan doing a first ascent on the Mead boulder.

On the drive in and out we passed a bunch of nice looking sandstone boulders. They would offer some nice bouldering, but they're covered with petroglyphs and therefore off limits. Wild looking pictures in a unique style that the Shoshone say were already made when they arrived. Maybe created by the little people.

We stumbled upon a large group of climbers from Ft. Collins who were camping at Wild Iris on Sunday. Jimmy and Melissa, who now live in Denver, were part of the crew. We hadn't seen them in years. It was great to see them again, and meet their children.

Today, we went to Sweetwater Rocks, and from what we got on, I'd describe the area as three parts Vedauwoo mixed with one part Hueco. I'll definitely be getting back as soon as we get a weekend with the right weather.

A fun warm-up.

Ashley did a new problem across this boulder that we're calling the "Panorama Traverse."

The El Paso boulder is very good. Nine finished lines, and at least three good looking projects.

Marla and Rachel hung out with Sierra and Autumn. It was wonderful to just focus on the problems for a while.

Great times.


Seth said...

Nice shots David! Hope you and the family are doing well. What's up with that crazy pictograph!

chuffer said...

good lookin' rox. glad to hear ya'll are psyched on the new blocks!

sock hands said...

very keen on seeing more piks from sweetwater! helke and davin mentioned this joint a long while back, but like most of the tranquil wyoming areas i've heard about, i've always seemed to stick to the crowded, dog-unfriendly, hectic areas down here.