Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last night I decided to search for new bouldering. I still have many established places to check out, and boulders at Worthen Meadow to brush and climb, but I'm also hoping to find some cool alpine bouldering in the mountains. I didn't do any homework. Just looked at a trail map and saw that the Stough Creek Basin Trail headed west.

Less than a mile into the hike I saw moose in Roaring Fork Lake. I didn't find much bouldering though. A few good boulders, very spread out, and not much overhanging rock. From one vantage point I saw large boulders on the ridge south of Roaring Fork Lake. Maybe I'll get back to check them out.

Last Tuesday we had a day off, but we still put our daughters into daycare. We had a wonderful day at Wild Iris. I redpointed "Choke Cherry Eyes," an outstanding route up the cleanest part of the right side of the cliff.

We had no one with us to take pictures.

Ashley's been getting extra value out of the Cabin Boulders. One of her projects is a V10 sequence to top out a V5. She's spent three days on it so far, and she's really close. Each day out we warm up on different moderates, and climb a few more after getting worked by our projects. Here's a sequence of me on "Joe Spice."

Great moves on perfect rock.

The post session Sinks sunset.


sock hands said...

prime stone, mang!

Bacon said...

yo, lookin sharp man! Can't wait to come up to see yous guys!

David said...

Hey Bacon, just send an e-mail if you're heading this way. We'll set things up.