Monday, March 16, 2009

There's No Place Like Hueco

Ashley and I are spending Spring Break at Hueco. Everytime I visit I feel surprised at just how good the place is. Even the native Americans were psyched about it.

We were too busy chasing stars to get many photos. Ashley and I each had a 17 star day on the first day the trip. Ashley flashed "The Ides of March" and "Dragonfly" and made quick ascents of the sharp and difficult "Kim with a Bathtub in Her Head" and the difficult for short people "Hobbit in a Blender." The last time I climbed on East Mountain was eleven years ago. Every problem I tried and failed on back then, I was able to do in a day, and things like "The Guillotine" that used to be too scary to try, didn't feel bad at all. What a difference a decade of practice makes.
Warming up on "The Guillotine."

"Dragonfly" definitely deserves all 4 of it's stars.

We had a fun tour group, and met a lot of climbers from the southeast. The week's off to a great start.
See you again soon.