Monday, March 9, 2009

Monsters Always Scream

A great album by Armchair Martian, and a good title.

Monsters haunt dreams, tear flesh, and are frightening, mysterious adversaries. So it is with the Monster Boulder at Carter Lake. We spent Sunday battling with this beast.

My project was "Born Slippy" a traverse of the west face from arete to arete, left to right. It has a couple slippery holds, and four stout moves in a row. I figured out every move, but it will take at least one more trip to link them together.

The crux stab to a poor hold.

Ashley's focus was on the "Traverse du Jour" a long right to left traverse of the entire north face, seen in the photo above. It was time to get serious

about stretching.

She moved fast, so I only got this photo before I needed to move the pad and spot at the crux.

Ashley almost sent the line many times. Exhausted and bleeding, we had to retreat. But our power will return, our resolve will grow stronger. We've learned the Monster's secrets, and one day it will be the Monster who falls.

In real news this week: It looks like the trailer for "Rocky Mountain Highball" will be playing at the "Pure" showing this Thursday. Look at the post below for more info. There is also a good chance that the NCCC guide to Poudre Canyon will be unveiled. An online guide to all the major areas in Poudre Canyon, information on the 420's will be available to everyone, and the guides to other areas will be available to NCCC members. Become a member, get a t-shirt, and see the films. It's going to be a good time, and I hope to see you there.

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