Monday, March 30, 2009


We had a snow day on Friday so we had plenty of time, but we also had plenty of snow. We decided not to go climbing in it. The only new climbing related thing I did this weekend, was surf some internet climbing sites. Here's what I found.

The new NC3 website is up, and it includes Ben and Cameron's Poudre Guidebook! An important meeting concerning Rotary issues will be held at the Mountain Shop, Ft. Collins at 6:30 this Thursday April 2nd. Ricky's Blog has more info. If you care about Rotary Bouldering and live in the area, please attend.

The Rocky Mountain Highball Website got updated quite a few days ago now, and news has spread quickly. The trailer is now on my Ipod Nano, and I'm looking forward to the show on April 27th. The movie has interviews with all the climbers I'm most interested in, and it's bouldering here in Colorado. If I could wish for a bouldering video to be made, it would be just like this one. Ashley is already looking forward to a possible sequel Rocky Mountain Traverse!
If it ever gets made, it should definitely include the traverses below.

I can hear the quotes now. "It's always less scary when you're not climbing up. Ten feet off the ground you start to think about consequences. Ten inches off the ground, that's where you really go for it."

The possibility is still over a year away, but we're thinking about a trip to Rocklands, South Africa. A Rocklands Bouldering Website answered most of the questions we have.
That's all the news this week. Hopefully the weather will work out this weekend.


Anonymous said...

That traverse video sounds like a great idea! -The Ultimate Dirtburglar

Ricky said...

I can only guess who left that comment! Lets hope for good weather this weekend; let me know if you have any plans!

Mannphoto said...

Hey David and Ashley -
Thanks for the kind words regarding RMH! I hope you guys and make it to the premiere. We shot a ton in NOCO and we are hoping some will make the hour drive down. Hilarious about the R.M.Traverses sequel. On several shoots during the film, I was dragging out 2 or 3 big pads for the athlete, sometimes over an hour in. I would mumble occasionally on the way: "Yeah, if there is a next film for me, it's gonna be Rocky Mountain Ass-Draggers!"