Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eldorado Canyon's East Draw

Colin working out "Pig Dog"

We felt like climbing somewhere new. The East Draw fit that criteria. The hike is steep. Not awful for the unencumbered, but a bit brutal with a two and four year old. I carried Autumn on my shoulders which took concentration on the slick dirt parts. It pushed my cardiovascular system for the first time since the park season ended a couple months ago. Colin came with us, and helped out a lot by carrying Sierra over the difficult parts. Thanks Colin! We spent most of our day at the Center Ring. Our favorite problem there is called "Pig Dog." It's a very overhanging V6 with big moves. The movement is fantastic even though the rock quality isn't. Most of the rock at the East Draw is sharp and pebbly conglomerate. Only a few V1-V3 slabs are solid, smooth Dakota sandstone. Pig Dog is worth making a trip for, and it is definitely a Winter area. It got a little too hot by the afternoon.


sock hands said...

glad you enjoyed it up there, despite the choss!

Everything is different in the morning said...

Hey Dave! here are a few of the shots i took. Take a look at them full size, with the fill flash and shutter speed, there are a few really cool tiny motion blurs around her feet in some...neat i think.

David said...

Thanks Colin. They turned out great. The doll and couples yoga for climbers are pretty funny.