Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back from Hueco

We're back from Hueco, happy with our trip. The last climbing day on Wednesday was very cold. We put the girls in two layers of clothes, and decided to try our best to get some climbing in. Everywhere seemed too windy, or too shaded, until we found the Terminator Area. It has two little amphitheaters of rock that face south, and are sheltered from the wind. The conditions there were perfect. It has a lot of fun problems too. My favorite was "McBain," a V8 where I had to pull really hard with a left heel hook to make a move that looked and felt crazy at first. I had given up on it, until Ashley did it. Then I began working it again. Competing with Ashley motivates me more than anything, and I learned once again that bouldering often comes down to motivation. It's important to make a firm decision that you are going to do a problem. Once I decided to put everything into "McBain," I worked it out pretty quickly, and it became my favorite problem of the trip.

Ashley climbing "McBain."

"The Daily Grind"

Now back to the real daily grind.

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