Sunday, November 4, 2007


Today, we went bouldering with our new friend Jacob. He offered to give us a tour of an area west of the Ceremonies that he has been developing. I've had great days at Redfeather, but I've also spent days hiking without finding much of anything. I really had no idea what the day would be like. I was quite impressed by the first boulder Jacob showed us. It's called the Golden Buddha boulder. It's only a five minute hike from the road, but it's hidden up a small gully. It has a well featured roof on it's North face featuring a warm up traverse, and some exciting dynamic up problems that go at about V3 or 4. From the top of the boulder we could see the golden Buddha at the top of the Great Stupa. The wind was a bit strong. Jacob recommended the Emily boulder, and thought it would be out of the wind. The picture in the guide he's put together looked cool, so we headed there. We hiked through a beautiful meadow surrounded by granite formations to a nice sized boulder with a crack going up it's East face. Jacob said he hadn't done it yet. We took turns figuring out the beta. Ashley unlocked it first.

With a few more trys we all sent it. Ashley decided to name it "Tao of Emily." It's aesthetic, and feels like solid, tricky V5 to us. In the meadow, the weather was good, and we spent a long afternoon working on three other projects on the Emily boulder. The sun was beginning to go down as we left, and the angled light made the formations surrounding the meadow look quite dramatic. It was a great session. Thanks Jacob, we're looking forward to heading out again.

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jacob said...

ashley and david
i had a great time with you and your girls sunday. i can't wait to do it again. the projects will be waiting for you.

i like the name. emily would be happy.