Sunday, November 25, 2007

Morrison Season Begins.

With snow on the ground at most Front Range areas, it was time to head to Morrison. The sun was shining, the temps were pleasant, and the snow has already melted off the hillside. We saw Annette standing in the Lobby as we pulled in. I was excited to see her, as Annette knows the area better than anyone. She is always happy to point out problems, and she knows beta for all body sizes. She has saved me days of work on many occasions. It had been a while since I had worked on one of her problems called "Pointless" V6/7. I wasn't quite sure of how it topped out anymore. Annette showed me the problem, gave me beta for the start, and I managed to send my first Morrison project of the season pretty quickly. Thanks Annette!

Annette on her warm down.

With my goal for the day accomplished, I moved on to the "Full Tendonitis Traverse" V7. I couldn't put it all together today, but I hope to send it soon. We also met Morrison locals Joel and Mo. Annette had mentioned Joel a few times, saying he might have beta on problems that would work for Ashley. He showed Ashley how he gets through the crux of Otis, and I took some pictures of him working a dynamic problem I hadn't seen before.

Now for the downside of the day. Getting the daughters to use their potty in the car, and getting them into their seats took a lot of concentration. I got distracted and ended up driving away without our bouldering pad. I didn't notice until we were home, and it was too late to drive back. It's very used, but still pretty good. I posted a message on the FRB message board. An unintentional experiment in human nature has begun. Will we get the pad back? We'll find out.

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