Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wyoming Sandstone

Ashley and I checked out the School Yard near Vedauwoo today . The School Yard is a pretty good name for the place. It has a lot of easy problems, and many of the problems aren't very high. The rock is very unique. It is sandstone, but it feels a lot like limestone. It has pink and white layers, and the layers form nice smooth crimps and slopers. It looks like it would be soft and break, but it is actually quite solid until you get to the topouts, where weathering has softened it up. The soft rock on top can make the topouts exciting even on the shortest problems. The opening photo is a perfect V3 on slopers. The next photos are of a V6 sloper lip traverse that tops out. I highly recommend the place for V1-5 boulders or stronger climbers that feel like doing a lot of easy-moderate problems in a day. The best conditions are probably found in September and October. It gets a lot of sun, and the snow doesn't melt out until late May. Today was hot until the storms came in.

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