Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Secrets of My Plateau

People always ask me "Dave you climb all the time. Why aren't you getting any stronger?" Well here is the answer. The Secrets to My Plateau. The first secret is never train. Only climb for fun, indoors or out. If you climb longer, harder, faster, or slower than you feel like climbing, that is training.

"But Dave, what about when I have a day of climbing that is so intense that it might increase my strength?" Sometimes this happens, and here is what you do. Find a way to undo the workout. My favorite way is by drinking a vanilla malt as soon as possible. Vanilla malts are full of empty calories. The weight gain will counteract any strength gain, thereby preserving your plateau. Plateaus are great. They keep you from climbing out areas, and let you savor projects for a longer period of time. You also get to savor vanilla malts.

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chuffer said...

Like minds think alike.