Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Kind Boulder is Very Nice

The possibility for storms has finally fallen, and Ashley and I took the girls to Rocky for the first time this year. The trips were rough last year. We had to carry both girls, and Autumn would cry a lot because she missed her naps.
This year Sierra was hiking, Autumn doesn't need naps, and it went quite well. Temps were great. We had alot of fun on two V7 traverses into and up the Kind from the right sit start. One is at a nice height and is 3 star. The other is lowball, and might be a bit soft at V7. The pictures show Ashley on the lower one, and me on the higher one.

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sock hands said...

hahaha everyone thinks the lower of the traverses is easy and it is CLUTCH for me versus the high one!

oh well...maybe it was because it was my first day on after taking the boot off and i was pensive with my left foot?

regardless, i'm psyched you kids got up there w/ the family for a good day!

there's a ton of other stuff in the v5-8 range to show you in that area, as well.