Monday, October 10, 2011

A Touch of Winter

Snow hit the mountains of Wyoming this weekend. It kept me from climbing on the stones, but I did get to see some nice new rocks up near South Pass. Chris took me on a tour of boulders he found at a place called the Rock Shop area. The area we hiked will never have a high concentration of problems, but it will have many high quality lines on some very nice stone. Solid rock, with pleasant friction, in a beautiful open woodland on top of a hill. I'm looking forward to taking my brushes out on a nice day.

Here is Chris below a very difficult, but possibly possible, project.
A very nicely featured overhang with a couple possible lines.
Another good roof with all the necessary holds. Though they are difficult to pick out in this photo.
And a beautiful crimp line out a roof that Chris has been working on. I couldn't believe how solid all the tiny crimps felt.
Bear sign.
A fun afternoon of checking out possibilities in a new area. Thanks Chris!

On Sunday, Ashley and I drove all the way to Jackson and back to spend an afternoon at the Enclosure Rock Gym. It was a good way to spend the day. Six total hours of driving, but it was mostly on empty roads through gorgeous scenery.
The forecast looks better for next weekend, and I'm already making plans.

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