Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Beautiful Day at Sweetwater

I'd call it prophetic, if I believed in prophecy.

Yesterday we had beautiful weather out at Sweetwater, and on a good day there is no where I'd rather be. I really like the lines I've found out there, and the ambiance of the place.

Ashley climbing what has become the standard warm up V0 in the God Eye Gulley.
Pronghorn seen on the walk in.
Ashley continued her warmup on "White Knight," a nice V3 first done last June.

"Rook" is a V4 sit start, directly below her in the photo below.
Ashley repeated Jesse's "Rattlesnake Arete" V4 using a direct and static finish.

Here she is responsibly brushing off her tick marks, even though no one ever goes out there. It's the right thing to do.
We spent the rest of the day in the "Norwegian Wood" area. I repeated it with much smoother technique on the top out than I did during the first ascent. Ashley climbed smoothly to the top, but was intimidated by the top out mantel. She will need another session to finish it off. I've begun work on a new problem, and hope that I can finish it before Ashley does. A little competition is a good thing.

I'm really hoping the good weather continues... I have so much that I want to do out there. Yesterday I happened upon a whole new sector just a minute's hike from "Norwegian Wood."

Then, on the drive out, we saw a short horse rockin' a mullet!
You never know what you'll find at Sweetwater.

In other news, the Lander Bolt Anchor Replacement Fund aka BARF has started a blog. Sinks is coming into season and the bolts will be taking a beating. Check out the blog in the links list, and consider making a donation. It helps keep Lander climbs safe, it encourages the establishment of new climbs, and it's the right thing to do.

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