Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweetwater Rocks

Today, the clouds broke when we didn't expect them to, the temps rose very quickly, and we roasted in the sun all afternoon in Sinks Canyon. Monos are never pleasant, but they're awful in the heat. Reachy routes, wasps crawling out of the cracks and pockets, had to leave a carabiner to retreat, worrying if the sunburn would be bad and if the rattlesnakes were getting feisty. Worst session we've had in a long while. Didn't take any photos.

Friday afternoon was interesting though. Ashley needed rest, and sent me out exploring. I drove to the Hampi Boulders at Sweetwater Rocks, and I really like what I saw. The drive to the Hampis goes over roads with soft sand. It made me a little nervous. I didn't want to get stuck by myself, in such a lonely landscape. The domes are huge back there. The area reminded me of the Australian Outback with a different color scheme.

I'm pretty sure this is the Hampi Boulder. I'm excited to give the traverse a good try on my next trip.

Bullet hard patina with cool features. Easy on the skin, low on friction.

A few other good boulders are in the area. More problems with perfect patina up on the formation, but I left my camera when I scrambled up.

I'm hoping to get back soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey David, just wanted to say hi, I love checking out your families pictures. If you all can make it the ISRG Thanksgiving slideshow is this saturday, the 7th :-)