Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to Lander, WY.

After a family beach trip to North Carolina, and many full days of moving work, things are beginning to settle down. I also have internet access again. I'm planning to keep to my weekly update schedule, but now this blog will mostly highlight the bouldering and climbing of western Wyoming. I've gotten out for a couple sessions. The areas are beautiful, there's a lifetime of sport climbing already developed, and many bouldering areas to explore. I think we're going to like it here.

Ashley checking out the starting holds of "Council of Despair" at Motown, Wild Iris.

Just ten minutes from our house is the bouldering of Sinks Canyon. Last Tuesday was pretty stormy, but the clouds broke at about 6:00 in the evening, and I still had time to get a session in. I took a look at the Kingsford Boulder on Fairfield Hill, but didn't see anything I wanted to warm up on.

The dolomite boulders are plentiful, mostly undeveloped, and really sharp.

Luckily there are also granite boulders nearby. I climbed some fun slabs, and was working a tricky problem called "Doctor Gorpon" on the Plastic Green Head boulder when it started to rain again.

The Plastic Green Head Boulder

The granite bouldering on Fairfield Hill doesn't get much traffic. No trails or trampled vegetation under the boulders, and some of the holds were growing lichen again.

On Thursday, we all headed out to the Motown area at Wild Iris. The weather was so good! Sunny and temps in the 50s and 60s. Photos just can't fully capture the spaciousness of the landscape up here.

In the background of this photo is a sandstone formation that's got to have some problems on it. I'll find out soon.

We found the area without much difficulty, but figuring out where the problems went took a little while.

The A-Frame.

Ashley loving the little pockets on "Borne Slowly."

We spent most of the session working "Gut of the Quantifier," a very overhung traverse that tops out. We're still working on one long move near the start.

Ashley traversing the roof.

We had fun sending new moderates too.


I'm surprised by the lack of bouldering development at Wild Iris. The boulders seem basically the same as the boulders at Niagara Glen, but better because they aren't as vegetated. Most climbers must get too distracted by the great sport routes. I'm wondering if we'll end up spending most of our time on the sport routes. For the moment, we've got bouldering problems to finish before we get out the rope.

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James said...

Your very lucky to have such great bouldering and awesome scenery!!

James :)