Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Last Few Colorado Sessions

for a while at least.

Recent events and upcoming plans have converged to convey a strong sense that time is limited. I've been getting out when I can, and appreciating the chance. We had nice conditions at the KB boulder in RMNP yesterday. Ashley finished off the surprisingly powerful problem "Snizzle Sticks"

I didn't quite figure out my beta quickly enough.

On the 4th of July I got out for a great early morning session with Jacob at Red Feather. More wildflowers than I've ever seen.

We got back on the dyno problem that eluded us for a couple sessions last fall.

I managed to stick the dyno, and finish off the mantle. The mantle was quite strenuous, as seen in the video below. I'm not sure if there's a more elegant way to do it or not. It's probably been done before, but I'm calling it "Buddha Belly" until I learn it has another name.

We did a couple high moderate problems, and had a couple tries each on the Pachyderm project.

Jacob climbing "Raised Eyebrow."

It's hard to say when I'll make it back to Red Feather. I'm going to miss it. My schedule will be quite a bit busier for the rest of the summer. I'll blog when I can, but it might not happen every week.

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sock hands said...

good to see the kb boulder is still getting climbers. word