Monday, June 8, 2009

Magazines find a new home.

I've been collecting Climbing/Rock and Ice magazines for the last 14 years. As I started packing them for the move, I realized that I wasn't interested in keeping a complete collection. I had over 100 issues in good condition that I was willing to part with for the low low price of free. I offered to give them away here on the blog, and they were claimed right away.

Looking through old climbing mags it's interesting to see what has changed, what hasn't, and what gets continually recycled. Which famous climbers have stuck around, and which once famous climbers just suddenly stopped appearing in the climbing press. A "Where are they now?" piece would be interesting. Although there are exceptions like Lynn Hill, Beth Rodden, and Lisa Rands, fame (in terms of magazine coverage) seems to have a pretty short cycle for many female climbers. Male climbers, writers, and photographers in the magazines seem to have a higher chance of sticking around long term. Do many top women climbers quit the sport, or are they just not covered by the media when they are no longer young and new? Maybe it's easier to become famous as a female climber, but harder to hold on to it? I don't have any data or answers here, just something I'm thinking about.

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