Saturday, August 16, 2008

Red Feather


Wednesday afternoon we headed out for an afternoon session with Jacob and Amanda at Red Feather. On Ashley's last trip to this part of the Feather she was still recovering from her surgery and couldn't climb much. She had a lot of things to get on. One problem that didn't interest her was the problem that involves a dyno to another dyno. She wouldn't even try it, but a line of crimps a little to the left got her attention.

I tried it a couple times, but my feet were wrong, and I couldn't get my hand placed well on the left crimp. It felt awful. Ashley was getting very close, but couldn't quite latch the lip. On my third try, new feet allowed me to set up on the left hand. It was just good enough that I could get my right foot up, and jump hard to the lip. Ashley was shocked. For the first time since her recovery I climbed something faster than she did. It's only a variation first ascent that allows you to skip the first dyno, but I named it "Snake in the Grass" since I snaked it from Ashley. I think it's harder than just dynoing, but Ashley and Amanda seemed to prefer it. We all did it before moving on.

Don't forget the top out.

Next we visited the Turtle Boulder. It has one short power problem called Turtle Head that is better, and more difficult than it looks. I tried to get the first session ascent, but Ashley's heal hook beta was more effective, and she snagged it.

After Jacob showed us how the unnamed V6 is done on the Fat Man in a Little Coat boulder he took us hiking up a gully to the North. Tours are definitely the best way to find the bouldering at Red Feather.

We went to the Morning Wood boulder which has a really nice arete on it. The right side of the arete is fun and moderate. The left side of the arete is a problem first done by Ben that is more classic and difficult. We gave that a few tries, but mosquitoes, and the coming darkness forced us to head out.
Here are photos of the right side of the arete.

A very fun session, and possibly the last one of my summer vacation. I'm hoping the rain will stop so I can get one more in.

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David said...

Update: I've been informed that (unsurprisingly) Ben did the first ascent of Snake in the Grass.