Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Problems and Projects From Sweetwater

We had a beautiful day at Sweetwater on Saturday.  And Ashley has started naming all her first ascents with a Winnie the Pooh theme.  Here's her best new line.

"The Hunny Pot Traverse" V4  
 Finishing the traverse.
 I did a sit start below the roof, and decided to stick with the theme.  "Honey Pot Roof" is a V3.

The view from the top out.
 Facing the roof is another new line.

"Thunderbird" V3
 Sierra working on "The Ivory Warm Up Traverse" V1/2.
 Following just the lower crack with hands is "The Ivory Traverse Project."
 In the distance are a couple more boulder covered domes that I haven't even had the chance to hike yet.
 A couple weeks ago the weather wasn't as nice.  We dropped our plans for the Ocean Boulder sector, and returned to the more sheltered Easter boulders.  Ashley got the first ascent of this low boulder with really nice stone.

"Very Blustery Day" V4
 I worked on the "Easter Boulders Project" but it's going to be difficult.  I'll probably need to leave it for someone else, and estimate that it's in the V10/11 range.
 We ended the day at the Tick Tock boulder.  I added the "Tick Tock Arete" V4.
 Lankin as seen from the Easter boulders.
Still got a lot to do out there.  Hope I can find the time to rap a few things...


Davin said...

Is the Ocean Boulder sector also what might be "North Mountain" from back when Helke was going out there? Looks familiar. The V10/11 project looks like very clean rock!

Lloyd Family said...

The Ocean Boulder is some distance south east from the main sector of boulders at North Mountain, but a line of good boulders extends from North Mountain all the way to the Ocean boulder up on the saddle. I haven't figured out yet where one sector naturally ends and the other begins. Some of the problems in this post like the Ivory boulder really should be grouped with North Mountain.

The V10/11 project is very clean, and very slippery. It's tall too, but you can't tell that from the photo.