Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Rainy Day Diversion

A few weeks ago, when I posted The Best of Horsetooth Reservoir Bouldering to YouTube.  A DVD extras section I'd made wound up on my computer with it.  Stuck at home on this rainy day, I decided to post it.

Before I started blogging, I recorded bouldering ascents on my video camera.  This video includes some favorite lines from Vedauwoo, RMNP, Carter Lake, The Flatirons, Morrison, Red Feather, Arthurs Rock, Poudre Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, and Horsetooth climbed by people much younger than they are today.  Most ascents are by Ashley and me when we were still in our twenties.  The soundtrack is composed of my favorite alternative music from the late nineties and early aughts.

Or just skip it if you aren't in the mood for thirty-five minutes of Front Range bouldering from over a decade ago.


jacob said...

cool little vid. loved the problems...although there could have been more red feather goodness.

how goes it lloyds? miss climbing with yous two.

Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Jacob! This video was already put together before you showed me more Red Feather goodness.

Things are going well up here in Lander. I miss climbing with you too. It seems like the only time we pass through Ft. Collins anymore is on our way to Colorado Springs once a year. If you're ever in the mood for a trip up here, please let me know. Maybe we could meet at Neverland sometime? It's amazing, and our drives would be about equal. Do you still have the same e-mail at

jacob said...

yes, i'm dying to check out neverland and yes, my email is the same.
someday i'll make it up to lander to see all the beautiful stone you guys are hoarding.