Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break Wrap-up

Jesse climbing his new highball "Silver Bullet."

One of the reasons we didn't travel far over Spring Break is that the Bouldering in the Wind River Range guidebooks were supposed to arrive yesterday.  Unfortunately shipping to Lander appears to be more complicated than shipping to the rest of the country, and the books haven't gotten here yet.  I've been told that they should arrive on Monday or Tuesday.  

In hindsight, we could have gone on a trip.  But really, I can't imagine a Spring Break climbing trip that would have been better than the days we've had at Sweetwater over the break.  I did three great V7s, seven first ascents, discovered four new projects, and the weather was wonderful up until today.

Lindsey on "The Banquet." 

 Sophia on "Silver Bullet"
 Lindsey deciding that she's high enough on "Silver Bullet."
 Today started overcast, cold, and windy.  The weather didn't look good enough to risk two hours of driving for Sweetwater.  But we drove up Sinks Canyon and were able to get a breezy session on the Lizard Lab.  The girls were happy to be able to do a few problems that they couldn't do last time.
And that wraps up the Spring Break climbing this year.

My feelings are completely split right now.  I'm so happy about the climbing we did over break, and excited by the upcoming bouldering season at Sweetwater, Oz, and the Rock Shop.  But waiting for the guide is driving me crazy.  It's difficult to work on something somewhat obsessively for over a year, invest a lot of money into it, and then feel like it's out of your hands for over a month.

The next post better be about the arrival of guidebook...

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