Sunday, April 21, 2013

A New Site for Lander Area Bouldering Info

We spent today at the Ice Age Area.  It's usually not the best bouldering sector near Lander.  But it might have been today.  Almost everything else was snowed in.  We got out early and managed to get most of our climbing done before the wind picked up.  Ashley climbed the complete Warm Up boulder traverse from a pocket at the far right to the top out on the left slab.  It goes high at the end, but stays below the top of the boulder the whole way.  It might be Jeremy's old traverse? It's pumpy and goes at V4 or 5.

So I've been making a habit of posting bouldering info like that within my posts since moving to Lander, but I think it's a good time to make a split between the journal that I keep of our sessions on this blog, and new information that might be helpful to anyone bouldering in the Lander area.  To get the new beta, you shouldn't need to also keep up with reports of every bouldering session that I get out for.  So I'm starting a new site called Bouldering in the Wind River Range.  It will be a site for posting new problems, guidebook updates, and corrections.  I did it in Blogger because it's a familiar, convenient, and free service for me to use, but that also means that its login is connected to this blog and a couple others that I do.  So I'm not planning to make it directly accessible to other contributors.  But I'd like it to contain posts from anybody who has developed an area, or even put up a single problem that they want to let people know about.  Please send posts and photos to my e-mail, and I'll add them to the site.  It's got a couple posts that I've put together already.  Hopefully this will grow into the go-to spot for information beyond the new guidebook, and also be a helpful resource when it's time for the next edition.  


Davin said...


The new book looks great! I have poured through it several times now rather than doing my homework. I like the Lander Area Bouldering Info blog. Starting to think a Wyoming Bouldering Info blog is coming soon.

Let me know when you're ready and I'll send you another guide book of info!

The season ahead in the Winds is going to be epic. The new web site will be well used! Several strong climbers are gearing up for the season there. Partly because of your guide I quit my job and now have the entire summer off, most of it up in the Winds.

See you soon

Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Davin!
I'm ready for another guidebook of info at anytime. I'm always psyched to check out more boulders.
Just four more weeks, and then I'm off for the summer. So excited for the upcoming season!