Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photos and Captions

Many hours were spent working on the guidebook yesterday.  Thanks to Ben, it's looking great!  And I'm very excited about how it's developing.  I need a break from explaining everything in minute detail though.  This week's post is for people who can read between the lines.

Chris, Zach, Lander, Summer Sport Climbing

 Lander's 4th of July parade.

 The Rock Shop
 "Second Hand Smoke" V4/5 **

 Ashley on the 2nd ascent.
 They grow up so fast.
See you at the festival!

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keenrecessteam said...

Wow- What an amazing post full of spectacular pictures. Looks like it was a great couple of days outdoors.
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Thank you for encouraging other families to take advantage of the great outdoors!

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