Friday, July 20, 2012

A Fun Session at the Falcon's Lair

On Monday, I took my tenth trip into the Falcon's Lair.  Justin, Kerrek, and Ina came along for a tour. 

Kerrek enjoying the hike out after a successful day. 
 On the drive up we saw a lot of wildlife.  Groups of quail, sage grouse, cottontails, and young pronghorn with their Moms.
 We warmed up on the Trolley boulder.  The project Davin brushed off and almost sent on the last trip caught our attention.  The dyno beta Davin was using is too big for me, but a cross through to a poor crimp seemed like it might be doable.  Kerrek started using the same beta, and for a few attempts it was hard to tell who would get the first ascent.  But Kerrek topped it out first, and I got the second ascent a few attempts later.

Moving left from the sit start.
 The first crux move.
 And the second, sending, crux move.
 The line goes with this sequence at V7 and Kerrek named it "Seeking Purity."  Kerrek and I were neck and neck for a couple attempts at the start of the day, but after "Seeking Purity" my power was almost gone.  In contrast, Kerrek was just getting warmed up!  Next, he got the second ascent of Chris's line on the right side of the Trolley boulder.  I'm not sure of the name.
 Ina climbed too.  She worked on a short line by the Trolley boulder, that is now named "So Intimidating."  She sent "The Twins" at the upper boulderfield, and she did "Sidewalk" from a high start.

Ina climbing "The Twins."
 Justin, Kerrek, and I did the low start to "Cracked Eggs" and then Kerrek began working on "World Conqueror."  During a rest we moved the pads over to a line that Justin had looked at.  The short line begins on a pedestal block and climbs out the underside of a thin block sitting table-like.  Using a handjam, and then a committing heel toe lock on top of the pedestal it's possible to reach a crimp off a slick sidepull before releasing the foot and then campusing to the top.  It's a tricky V5 that I named "Table Dance."

Justin campusing on "Table Dance."      
While I did a little scouting, Kerrek on his last chance attempt for the day, just before we had to start hiking out, climbed "World Conqueror."      

It was a great day at the Lair.  I'm getting a good sense of the place at this point, and I have things I'm excited to work on at every sector of boulders.  It was fun sharing the place with climbers who were excited to be there, and we all share a similar sense of humor.  We made sounds and listened as the echos swirled around us in the cirque.  We all talked about jobs, climbing, travel, the American diet, a book about the zombie apocalypse, techniques for hunting cows with garden tools after a zombie apocalypse, and the possibility that scientists will one day discover The Grand Unified Theory of Cheese.  In case you weren't aware, there really are professional cheese scientists.

When I got home, Ashley and the girls had picked up a new puppy from the Lander Pet Connection animal rescue.  Autumn named her Willow, and she's such a great dog.  I was immediately won over by the cute, playful creature.  It's been a long time since I've owned a puppy.  Our other dog Sundance is now acting jealous, entitled, and grumpy.  Sort of like a lot of grownups you meet out there.  I've been reminded that it's good not to grow up too quickly, and plan to only act like a grown up when moments require me to be one.


Brian said...

Looks great! I've been so busy lately, but hopefully I'll make it out there again in September!

Lloyd Family said...

A great time to visit!