Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Advanced Sending Techniques Revealed

Do you want to send harder problems? Of course, we all do.

A standard post will be coming soon, but today I'm posting a special instructional video.

These are two advanced sending techniques that I've decided to share. Many climbers aren't aware of these surprisingly effective and modern methods of climbing harder problems, or don't take advantage of them as often as they could. They've helped me climb so many problems that I couldn't, or maybe wouldn't, have done otherwise. Learn them, practice them, and send more.


Brian said...

Good post! This weekend, I learned the value of toeing in..its amazing how it holds you in on steep moves.

Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Brian! Toeing in is a valuable technique although maybe not as "advanced" as the ones I shared :) Do you still have plans to be in the Lander area this summer?

Davin said...

Wow, Can't believe those tips are free. The kicking hump is a must. I am wondering what your opinion is on chic power? That is, when there is a crowd of non-climber chics?

Would love to see those techniques used down here when you visit.

Lloyd Family said...

Chic power is a real advantage, but it's been a while since I've been able to use it. Maybe I'll be able to demonstrate it at Red Rocks in the near future.

I can't wait to use the kicking boulder hump to send rad lines at Neverland, but I doubt we'll be able to find an audience out there suitable for crowd sourcing.

Brian said...

Yeah, looks like I'll be going to climb from about May 5-15, and in need of partners! The rest of my summer will be spent in archaeology field school.